Halsey Makes Madison Square Garden Her Kingdom For Final Installment Of Badlands Tour

When you think of the name Halsey, for some, she might be an enigma but for her millions of adoring fans, she’s just Ashley – the one who burst onto the scene in 2014 and pretty much stole our hearts immediately. Then, of course, the word massive comes to mind and that’s what the night of August 13 was for Halsey fans who packed NYC’s Madison Square Garden to see the singer close out her final installment of the Badlands Tour.

Not even some minor technical difficulties could ruin the night, as the singer proved early on that if she’s going to throw a show, it’s going to be done right. Mid-“Castle,” she stopped the entire show and gave us a re-do of of fiery opener, “Gasoline” and crowd-pleaser, “Hold Me Down.” Fans did not mind one bit as we were given a special, unexpected treat along with another surprise towards the end of the show as electronic duo, The Chainsmokers, joined her on stage for a killer performance of their collaboration of “Closer,” sending the crowd into fits of hysterics…but that’s normal for Halsey fans as they’ve proven time and again that crowd support is what ultimately allows you to play gigs at places like Madison Square Garden.

It was pretty evident that a sold out crowd meant every word would be sung back to her tenfold and that she has us wrapped around her finger the second she starts to sing. Album favorites like “Haunting,” “Drive,” “Control” and “Coming Down” echoed throughout the entire arena while personal favorite, “Roman Holiday,” was just as magical as I thought it would be live, giving me that same blissful feeling I had when I heard it for the first time a year ago.


Fellow friend Justin Bieber was there in spirit as “The Feeling” was brought to life while Room 93 EP favorites, “Ghost,” “Is There Somewhere,” and the infamous “Hurricane,” came to life full force as every emotion poured out of her, making us all in the audience get a little teary-eyed. We were even given a little insight into her stage name as the singer shared that she was inspired to become a musician on the night of an Ed Sheeran concert at MSG when she was a teen. She was riding the train home to Brooklyn when she came across Halsey Street. That night, she wrote “Ghost” – her first song – and now, almost a year after her debut album, Badlands, was released, she found herself on stage at the place where it all began. If that’s not humbling, you need to check yourself.

“New Americana” riled up the crowd while the encore of “Colors” and “Young God” dazzled with confetti and dreams of the next chapter for our enigmatic darling. “You can find me in the kingdom” – the last words plastered across the screen on stage, later tweeted by the singer that night as her social media profiles went white. We’re guessing surviving the badlands has its silver lining. With a night like that, there really is no going back.