End Of Summer Style Inspiration: Splash House August 12-14

Splash House is returning to the desert this weekend for another outrageous summer of poolside vibes and world-class music. The event is a city spanning pool party & music festival located in Palm Springs. This innovative music festival, hosted at the Riviera Palm Springs and The Saguaro Palm Springs, allow guests to hop freely between the poolside stages to catch their favorite acts.

With its high energy summer camp atmosphere and close knit community feel, I’m totally drawn to the festival’s promise of an experience with more to offer than just music. The poolside fashion should be as fun to admire as the tunes are to listen to. Needless to say, I can’t wait!

Check out the photo gallery to see some of the wild fun for yourself… and make sure to visit splashhouse.com for more information on how to attend this incredible event! Hope to see you there!

Photo Credits: JF = Jesse Fulton (@jesse_lee_fulton) JN = Jose Negrete (@_josenegrete) QT = Quinn Tucker (@quasarmedia) GO = Galen Oakes (@onenativeyouth)