Bella Thorne Is Bisexual And Doesn’t Care Who Knows

Major snaps to Bella Thorne who, with a one word response to a fan question, came out as bisexual on Twitter. The 18-year-old actress had Tinseltown buzzing on Monday  after she posted a Snapchat of her and longtime bestie Bella Pendergast kissing. Bella, who just broke up with boyfriend Greg Sulkin was asked point blank by a fan on Twitter if she was bisexual, Bella didn’t hesitate to answer simply and honestly with a, “yes.”

Of course her fans were nothing short of supportive and happy for Bella who tweeted congrats and supportive messages to her coming out. Bella embraced the love and made sure to send her gratitude for all the love and support.

If anything, this is just one more reason to love Bella and be excited for the next steps in her career and personal life. Setting a good example to be honest with yourself, your friends, and never be ashamed of who you are! Way to go Bella! You’ve got nothing but our 100% love and support!