7 Reasons To Be Stoked For Fall

The long, hot, humid summer is slowly coming to a close. As we hang up our denim shorts and our ‘YOLO’ mentality, it’s easy to tumble into a change of season depression. But before you find yourself on that downward spiral train, get stoked! Fall is the greatest time of year. And if you’re going back to school, there are some serious benefits. Here are 7 reasons to get stoked about fall and back to school:

The End Of Humidity Hair & Bug Bites: Summer was great and all, but after three long months of scratching bug bites and trying to manage your humidity hair, the weather is finally going to be your friend again.

New BTS Wardrobe: One of the many perks of fall is getting to change up your wardrobe. You can finally wear jeans comfortably again… and boots, and sweaters, and scarves, and layers. The outfit ideas are endless.

Halloween Is Coming: Fall has some of the best holidays, including Halloween! Come on, you know you love it.

Romance Weather: OK, so maybe you crushed it this summer with a bitching beach life romance. But nothing is more romantic than fall, amirite? Leaves crunching under your feet, drinking cocoa, cozying up on the couch under a blanket… there is love in your future!

Another Year Closer To The End Of School: If you’re going back to school, you might be feeling the blues. But think of it this way… you’re another year closer to the end of your schooling days and growing up. WOOHOO!

Reunited With Old Pals: We all tend to disperse for the summer with vacation plans and school out. Fall is basically a sweet, sweet reunion time where you get to catch up with your friends and talk about your adventures.

Fall TV: You know you’ve been missing all of your favorite TV shows. Now that fall is here, your schedule will be jam packed with amazing television.