6 Wild Olympics Sports You Should Be Watching

The Rio Summer Olympics are in full swing. We’ve watched Michael Phelps make history winning his 23rd Gold medal and we’ve toasted to the adorable US women’s gymnastics team who earned another team gold. Beyond those highly televised sports, there is plenty of Olympics magic to enjoy. Here are six wildly cool and pretty random sports you should definitely watch this Olympics games:

Steeplechase: There are plenty of dope track and field events to watch. Steeplechase is a new favorite for the ol’ Buzznet crew. This race involves jumping massive hurdles, some of which include a light jog through water. It’s extreme and an exciting middle distance race to watch.

Speed Walking: Speed walking or race walking is crazy! The way those hips swish from side to side. Plus, an Olympic-level speed walker can walk a mile faster than you can run one. Get into it NOW.

Synchronized Swimming: From the sassy swimsuits to the killer intro struts to the pool, synchronized swimming is a feast for the senses. Check out duets or team synchronized swimming and prepare to have your mind blown.

Handball: I don’t quite understand the rules and regulations of handball, but it’s very entertaining to watch. And if you’ve been following Leslie Jones on Twitter, you know we’re all a little confused about handball but loving it regardless.

Trampoline: This is not your backyard trampoline party. These athletes are jumping 15 to 20 feet in the air and doing crazy flips and turns. Just take a look at Dong Dong’s winning routine from the 2012 London games!

Modern Pentathlon: OK, so this is an event we didn’t even know existed! A modern pentathlon is a race that includes five seemingly unrelated sports. I’m talking fencing, swimming, a cross country run, show jumping, and pistol shooting. The hell? So GD cool though!