6 Merch Booth Dilemmas Every Music Fan Will Face

One of the most exciting aspects of going to a live show, besides the show itself, is buying band merch you can’t find anywhere else. There’s no better rush than seeing your favorite artist plastered on a t-shirt that you can rock anytime, or even alter to your choosing, as you represent the bands that mean the most to you. However, there are some dilemmas that every music fan will face at the merch booth at one point or another which can dampen our mood for a bit but in hindsight are no biggie in the grand scheme of things. You’re definitely not alone and we’re pretty sure you’ll be raising your fists at some of these!

Long lines!

Freaking out because you honestly just want it all!

Worrying if you brought enough cash. Everything is so expensive!

Learning that the item you wanted (and pictured yourself wearing) is sold out.

Deciding on what size to buy since a lot of shirts/hoodies/hats run differently. Then you wonder if you’re annoying the merch attendant.

Worrying about holding up the line because you’re honestly undecided despite what you had picked out while on line. Sorry?