5 Ways You’re Being Disrespectful At Shows

Concerts are meant to be enjoyed and while we go to shows with the intention of having a great time, let’s be honest, there’s always someone in the crowd being a disrespectful a-hole. If you care deeply about the band on stage, this will often upset you as it has for me plenty of times. I think we can all agree that if everyone had some common courtesy at shows, especially in crowded venues, it would make our experiences a whole lot more pleasant. Here are 5 ways you’re being disrespectful at shows. If you do any of these, it might be time to rethink your usual routine the next time you find yourself at a crowded venue.

5. Talking during the opening act.

Opening acts are just as crucial to any live show as the main performer. Want to chat it up with your BFF? Go outside. This isn’t the place to catch up and have dinner.

4. Pushing your way to the front.

Want to be closer to the stage? Here’s an idea: Get there early! It’s rude to push your way through the crowd and I’m pretty sure fans didn’t stand on line for hours just so you can push them out of the way.

3. Eating smelly food in an enclosed space.

No one wants to smell your onions at a show where everyone is standing close together. Are you for real? Grab a bite before or after the show.

2. Getting shitfaced throughout the entire night.

No, you don’t look cool. You look like an idiot. If you’re not totally enamored by the magic that is happening on stage, you’re obviously there for the wrong reasons. GTFO.

1. Looking at your phone during the show.

Want to check emails between sets? Go for it. But checking Facebook WHILE the band is performing?! Seriously?! You need to go. Now. If you come to a show just to stare at your phone all night – something you can do at home – you seriously have issues…or just money to throw away. Not only is that disrespectful to the band, but you’re taking up a space where one hardcore fan could have been.