5 Back-To-School Fashion Hacks For The Monetarily Challenged

With the kick off of a new school year, the thing most of us are stressing about is having a fresh look for a new year. Unfortunately there’s more than a few of us that don’t have the kind of funding necessary to shop ’til we drop. However, just because the cash flow might be dried up, doesn’t mean you can’t pull out these easy and edgy hacks to turn your wardrobe into something everyone will be envious of.

1. Where there’s a rip, a staple can go. I tried this the other day and the amount of people telling me how cool my t-shirt was with staples made me feel like the next Jeremy Scott. If you’ve got a rip or tear in something you used to love wearing, grab your stapler and patch it up! Not only will you look inventive and fashion forward, it won’t cost you any money.

2. Same goes for safety pins. Use this staple punk rock accessory to close up any rips and holes. You can also use it to attach patches, which is pretty chill.

3. Dye dingy whites I can’t even get into all the rad t-shirts I no longer wear because the white has dulled. Instead of tossing them in the trash, pick up a bottle of fabric dye and follow the instructions! You’ll be able to transform a zillion throw aways into fresh threads to rock at school.

4. Devote a day to thrift shopping Some of the best things in an amazing wardrobe came from a thrift store. However the only way you’ll find a gem is by devoting time to really dig through the racks, try things you might normally pass up, and think of what you have in your closet that will go with your thrifting finds.

5. Do a clothing swap with your friends.  Before you donate anything, invite your friends to come over with clothes they’re getting rid of and start trading. There’s bound to be something for everyone and it’s not as time intensive as thrifting.