3 Must Do’s Before Summer Ends

Somehow it’s August already. The summer truly flew by! As we all prepare for school or days at the office with fewer tan lines, it’s time to reflect on your summer bucket list. Did you do all the things you swore you’d do while the sun was shining and the jean shorts ran rampant? If not, the good news is you still have a few weeks to get out there. Here are three must do’s before the summer really ends:

Go To An Outdoor Concert: One of the best parts of summer is the outdoor music festival scene! It’s the perfect time to hang with friends, catch your favorite bands and a sun tan (AKA sun burn) in the hot, hot heat. Do your research and find an outdoor concert near you. And if your only options are jazz or classical or something that isn’t your usual cup of tea… go anyway! You might really enjoy it.

Eat Way Too Much Ice Cream: We can all agree it’s hot AF out there. Everybody is just a pile of swamp ass and frizzy humidity hair and mosquito bites at this point in the summer. So, before you go back to school or work feeling like summer kicked your ass, enjoy the benefits! Go to your favorite ice cream joint and just crush a sundae.

Take A Mini-Vacation: OK, so wildly fabulous vacations aren’t always within reach because of #moneyprobs or because your schedule is insanity. Maybe Belize is out of the question, but before summer ends treat yourself to a least a mini vacation. Take the day and go exploring! Find some beach. Bring a cooler and your BFFs. Go to an amusement park. Find a lake and rent a pontoon! Or if you’re staying local, just take a day to pamper yourself with a mani/pedi or a day at the movies. You deserve it.