20 Things That Happen When You Have A Crush

Crushes are called that for a reason…because they can literally crush you. Whether it be because you’re too afraid to tell someone how you feel, or the person you have all the feels for doesn’t like you back, it’s pretty easy to relate to the following 20 things one can go through when battling heartfelt emotions for someone else.

1. You start crushing on someone.

2. You find their Instagram and Facebook. You spend a large chunk of time looking at all their photos.

3. Then you look at all their tagged photos and try to determine if they are seeing/crushing on someone else or if someone is also crushing on them.

4. You wonder if it is creepy/weird to follow or friend them. Then you wonder how long you should wait before you follow or friend them.

5. If you have mutual friends, you wonder how you can casually ask about your new crush without making it sound like you’re crushing.

6. You begin to watch rom-coms on Netflix that closely relate to your crushing situation to make you feel not so alone.

7. It’s not uncommon at this point to say your name with their last name, you know, just to see how it sounds.

8.  You talk about them non-stop to your BFF. You talk about your crush so much your BFF tells you to shut up.

9. You daydream about making out with them.

10. Wondering what they look for in a girlfriend becomes as common as breathing.

11. You think of what you’ll say when you finally get to have a one-on-one conversation with your crush.

12. A tally of every interaction with your crush is cataloged in your head so you can dissect what it all means.

13. You soon realize all of it means nothing.

14. Spotify playlists are made to indulge your feelings about your crush.

15. You wonder if it’s ok to ask out your crush.

16. Many plans are devised on how you will ask your crush out.

17. Your crush then starts dating someone else.

18. You obsess over your crush’s Insta/Snapchat/Twitter/FB whatever to try and figure out what this girl has over you.

19. You realize you’ve become a total lurking creep.

20. One morning you wake up, you’re over it, and begin crushing on someone new.

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