10 Things You Should Never Feel Bad About

No one is perfect and there are a lot of things in life that are easy to pick on people about. However, we’re only human and there’s no reason to feel guilty about things we like, slightly gross life hacks, or having feelings that are out of your control. So next time you find yourself faced with one of the following 10 things, shrug it off with a smile.

1. Wearing the same pair of socks multiple days in a row Sometimes you just can’t get to doing your laundry! As long as you don’t develop athlete’s foot or take your shoes off around anyone that has a hyper-sensitive sense of smell…dirty socks are better than cold toes!

2. Listening to bubblegum pop music. There’s reason it’s called “pop-music” it’s short for POPULAR. So if your BFF can’t hang with your secret obsession with Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift buy a ticket to their next show and call it day. No doubt you’ll feel cool when you’re surrounded by 20,000 other screaming fans who feel the way you do.

3. Crushing on a guy that’s not your “type” Ok, so maybe he isn’t the hottest guy in school and is kind of a dork, but if there’s something about his personality that makes your heart beat a little faster. There’s no reason you should let what other’s think get in the way of a potentially awesome relationship!

4. Hating a gift from your BFF They might be the friend you turn to for everything, but that doesn’t mean they will always give you the perfect present. Smile and scream “I love it!” to their face, but don’t feel bad if it “accidentally” ends up under a pile of junk in your hall closet.

5. Geeking out over something nerdy Having interests in something seen as “not cool” is actually the “new cool.” Embrace your inner dork! Knowledge on nerdy topics can be pretty impressive.

6. Wearing your sunglasses indoors  Sometimes you just don’t want to take them off! It’s also a good way to blatantly stare at people without them knowing.

7. Buying an obnoxiously expensive pair of shoes You aren’t human if you don’t do this at least once in your life!

8. Sleeping with your boyfriend’s t-shirt You’re in serious L-U-V, and there’s something about smelling his dirty t-shirt as you drift off to dreamland that makes you feel all hearts and stars.

9. Not remembering the last time you washed your hair Top knot buns were created for a reason. Plus, it’s good to give it a break from the stress of wash and dry!

10. Not going to the biggest social event of the year Sometimes you just don’t feel like going out. Besides, your friend’s Facebook photos are only there to make it look like it was more fun than it actually was.