6 Musts If You & Your BFF Are Crushing On The Same Person

Every now and then you find yourself in a sticky situation where you and your BFF start crushing on the same human being. It happens to the very best of us, especially if you live in a small town or if you have a close knit friend group. Sure, it’s a drag, but the important thing is to handle the double crush gently and with total honesty so you don’t ruin amazing friendships in the process. If you and your BFF are crushing on the same person, here are six things that must be done:

1 – Talk to each other. Sit down with your BFF and talk it out calmly and rationally. Explain what’s going on and be totally honest with your pal about the feelings and interactions you’ve had with your shared crush.

2- Decide if the feelings are real. Is your crush a passing feeling? Is it something one of you, or better yet BOTH of you, can get over together?

3 – Stew in it. Before any bold and brash decisions are made, take a few days to really sort through how you feel. Then come back to each other to discuss further.

4 – Make a decision. If the crush is very, very real then you and your BFF have to lay down the law and create a friendship pact. You can’t share a lover, so decide to both let it go or decide who gets to pursue the person.

5 – Stick to your guns. This might be the hardest part of all. Once you and your bestie have made the call, both of you need to stick to it. If you both decide to give up on your crush, then hold each other accountable and don’t do anything shady that will mess with your friendship. If you decide that the crush actually reciprocates feelings for one of you, then you and your BFF need to be perfectly cool with watching romance unfold for one and not the other.

6 – Don’t let romance come between you. If you’ve both decided to let go of your crushing feelings, stay connected and communicative. Go out and have fun as single folks and try to meet new people and branch out. If one of you is shipping with the once shared crush, make sure you’re all sensitive to each other’s feelings and that you remember to continue to have friend time away from the BF/GF.