What We Learned From Lollapalooza Day 1

Hey Buzznet! We’re in Chicago for the next few days covering the 25th Lollapalooza Music festival. We wrapped up day 1 exhausted, exhilarated, and ready for more in the coming days, but there were a few things we learned that we’ll be keeping in mind as we trek around Grant Park surrounded by show goers, music, talent and endless fun.

1. A dead phone battery sucks No doubt about it, having your phone die at a festival can be super stressful and finding a plug for your charger is basically impossible. Thankfully BUQU hooked us up with insanely cute USB port chargers! They’re freakin’ ADORABLE. Walking around with the Nade and Pina models, they were super easy to clip to our belt loops and def grabbed the attention of other show goers! The best part is they’re super affordable and hold a ton of power! We recommend you check out their entire line at mybuqu.com

2. Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes you are OK with getting dirty. The weather was a little dreary. Hit with afternoon rain, it made the festival grounds muddy and gross, and we saw a lot of people seriously bummed out that their favorite kicks were getting destroyed. There was also more than a few random broken sandals lying around. Note, as cute as sandals are, they are not the best option for a long day at Lolla.

3. Artist stage presence is everything.  Our top 2 shows from the day were The 1975 and Lana del Rey. The 1975  was AMAZING. You couldn’t ask for a more charismatic frontman than Matt Healy. Staring into the camera for the big projection screens, sexy dance moves, and hair flipping elicited waves of screams and it was entertaining from start to finish. Lana on the other hand was a bit of a snooze fest. Granted her music possesses a more dreamy vibe, simply standing there kind of walking around and singing  brought about a few yawns. Her voice was INCREDIBLE and fireworks were firing off about halfway through her show, which made it worth it, but if you’re at a festival and want to get the most of your experience, spend time checking out bands that will fully entertain.

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4. Make sure you have food in your stomach We made the rookie mistake of showing up to the fest with an empty stomach, and with such short times between artists sets we wanted to see, it was nearly impossible to get food. The lines were insanely long and messy, so it was hours before we got to eat. Having snacks on hand are key, and eating before entering the festival grounds is a MUST.

5. Take time to sit down Yes, festivals are exciting and fun, but if you don’t give yourself a chance to rest for a bit, you will basically limp out of the festival with tired legs, burning feet, and the kind of exhaustion that will have you dead asleep the second your head hits the pillow.

6. Be OK with being around a ton of people If you’re not a people person, then Lollapalooza, or any music festival for that matter is probably not for you. There will be a lot of dodging, weaving and looking out for people irresponsibly running through the crowd, so stay alert and pracice patience. Not everyone is going to be walking as fast or slow as you, so just look out for yourself and you’ll be fine.

We’ll be posting more coverage on our Instagram and Facebook pages so keep checking back all weekend for more news, updates, photos and video from the festival!