Wasted Youth: The Fabulous Stains x Local Heroes

I am a super huge fan and admirer of the brand Local Heroes, so its always a treat when I get to photograph all their super cute clothing.  This particular editorial, styled by yours truly, features mega babes Kate RosserKylie Hannah and Sydney Glambert. The vibes are very “teenage bedroom” meets Clueless… and Local Heroes has the perfect pieces for this aesthetic. Their design philosophy is focused on a unique directional vision referencing street wear and youth nostalgia. They’re dedicated to people who like to stand out in a simple and sometimes (most times) funny way. Needless to say, the shoot was a success!

Also, make sure to check out our super fun behind the scenes video (my band, The Ruckus, wrote and performed the video’s backing tune) below. Watch these gals getting dolled up, dancing, laughing, having a fabulous time… and not taking themselves too seriously. Loves it!

Photography by Jonathan Leyva and makeup by the very talented Taylor Pancake.