#FBF 6 Reasons Why We Wish Justin & Britney Were Still Together

Do you remember the good old days before Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat? You know, the days when we bought CDs and rocked out to *NSYNC and Britney Spears on the regular and Justin Timberlake + Brit Brit were full blown #relationshipgoals? Sigh… what a world! On this #FBF, let’s reflect on 6 reasons why we wish Justin & Britney were still together:

1 – There would be so many matching denim outfits to enjoy!

2 – They could have enough babies to form *NSYNC 2.0

3 – There would probably be a dope ass *NSYNC + Britney Spears world tour on the books that we’d all die for.

4 – Think about the bitchin’ duets they’d release. I mean, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill would bow down to their sweet duet action.

5 – The big budget music videos that would accompany said duets would rival Michael & Janet’s “Scream.” I’m talking helicopters, full pyrotechnics, stunts… the whole arsenal.

6 – A tiny piece of our early 2000’s childhood would stay forever intact! Yeah, that’s right. Let’s make it all about us.