Jeffree Star Fires Back At Kat Von D On Twitter To Set The Rumor Record Straight

Yesterday was a whirlwind with news of Kat Von D publicly ending her friendship with Jeffree Star. The make-up mogul/reality star/tattoo master not only posted the news to Facebook and Twitter, but also dropped a personal video to explain her decision to disassociate herself from Jeffree and his brand. Jeffree responded with a promise to tell his side of the story, and while it wasn’t via video, he used Twitter to defend himself against Kat’s accusations.

This of course prompted Kat to defend her stance with a series of tweets at Jeffree.

The person at the center of it all, artist BJ Betts, has kept quiet on the feud, but we kinda doubt this is the last we’ll be hearing about the end of their friendship in this epic he said she said back and forth.