Jeffree Star Drops New Video In Defense Of Kat Von D’s Accusations

It’s not even a surprise that the Kat Von D and Jeffree Star drama wages on. After Kat released a video two days ago accusing Jeffree of not paying artist BJ Betts for work he did for his make-up packaging, and letting fans know she was no longer going to associate herself with him, the Internet has basically exploded. Both camps have been in a staunch “he said she said” war of words on Twitter.

Now, Jeffree has released his own video countering Kat with his own facts and perspective of the situation. It’s unfortunate for both camps, as their fans are facing off and, according to Jeffree, Kat’s fans have turned their aggression to Jeffree’s family, calling them with death threats and other vile comments. A move, which if true, is not cool no matter who is right or wrong.

In the 20 plus minute video, Jeffree methodically goes through all the points Kat brought up in her video, shows texts between the two, and point blank confronts Kat on facts he claims are false.

To add more fuel to the fire, the artist whom Kat was standing up for and using as a reason to end her friendship with took to Twitter to let everyone know things were chill and he’s been compensated for his work.

We’ll see if this is finally the end to all the drama, but we kinda doubt it. Stay tuned!