10 Game of Thrones GIFs To Encapsulate Your Bad Mood

We all have bad days… maybe everything is a fail, maybe you’re in PMS-central, or maybe you’re beefing with a friend or lover and it’s making you see red. Before you fall off the deep end pulling all your favorite people as well as random strangers that cross your path into the angry vortex, take a beat and try to see the sunny side. If that’s not working, review these 10 Game of Thrones GIFs that perfectly encapsulate your bad mood and then realize it’s all gravy and live your life!

When somebody seriously crosses you:

When nobody understands you:

When you’re PMS-ing and your boyfriend/girlfriend ate your chocolate ice cream stash:

When your friends throw shade because you’ve been partying a whole lot:

When someone tries to drag you into drama involving your ex:

When your girl squad bails on you when you need them the most:

When you overdraw on your bank account to buy pizza:

When your roommates throw a house party and you have to wake up early:

When your dude won’t step up:

When you’re trying to win an impossible argument: