#FBF – 5 Reasons We Miss Teenage Amanda Bynes

From roughly 2003 to 2006, every teenage girl was all about Amanda Bynes. Before she had been that hilarious little tween on All That, but when she hit the big screen in What A Girl Wants we were smitten. And when she followed that up with Lovewrecked and She’s The Man alongside a young Channing Tatum, we were all just completely obsessed. Things have taken a turn in recent years, but let’s reflect on the Amanda Bynes we loved. On #FBF, here are five reasons we miss teenage Amanda Bynes:

1- She made awkward flailing adorable.

2- She always kind of played the same nutty girl who got into wild shenanigans. It was so comforting!

3 – Even though she’s a dime piece, she felt totally relatable.

4 – She used wit and humor to snag the hunks.

5 – She managed to pull off very odd early 2000’s fashion.