PREMIERE: The Nursery Drops Dope Video For “Digital Ashes”

Toronto’s The Nursery first caught our attention in early 2015 with their killer fuzzed out synth-rock vibes with their single, “She Speaks The Wave.” Now, the band is gearing up for the release of their new EP, Digital Ashes on July 26 a collection of songs that tell a story of dystopian futures in the post-digital era (which also features the aforementioned “She Speaks The Wave,” being the band’s first release since).

We are excited to bring you the premiere of the band’s new video for title track, “Digital Ashes.” Directed by Tom Sokalski, the video captures the essence of unpredictability of digital data through many dizzying glitch sequences and virtual reality, illuminating the fragility of modern society.

The Nursery’s Alexander Pulec states:

Everything breaks down, even when not made of organic matter. The paradigm of technology is that it’s perfect. It obeys, follows orders, does exactly what you program it to do. But, it doesn’t. It’s as unpredictable as a human. Except, when the data corrupts or dies – you have nothing tangible left to touch, or see, or remember it by.”