Why Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson’s Break-Up Makes Us Question Everything

After 10 beautiful years watching Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson stroll the streets and red carpets and Coachella looking cute AF, they have officially called it quits. OK, celebrity couples break up all the time because they are, in fact, human beings, but this particular break up really brings on the sads. In fact, we’re kind of questioning everything because of it.

Now that Diane and Josh are no more, who is going to crush celebrity couple street style?

Who is going to show up to Chanel fashion shows looking like an oil painting?

Who is going to keep us up at night wondering if we’ll ever actually feel this happy?

Who is going to remind us that marriage isn’t always necessary?

Who is going to ground the entire concept of famous people being able to stay together for a decade?

Who is going to nail the Red Carpet adoration look?

Seriously though, let us know because we need couple inspo stat!