8 GIFs Expressing How Little We Care About The TSwift Vs. Kayne Drama

It’s a day that ends in Y, so Taylor Swift and Kayne West are beefing again. The feud that simply will not die exploded again last week when Kim Kardashian posted a SnapChat video of her baby daddy talking to Swifty on the phone about the much debated song reference. If you almost fell asleep reading that last sentence, you’re not alone. The feud that won’t die is such a bore! We’re all over it, amirite?

When that SnapChat hit the social media airwaves, we were all:

When every blog, including your mom’s cooking blog, covered said reignited feud, you thought:

When water cooler chatter turned to Taylor’s typed out Instagram reaction, internally you said:

Because, honestly… nobody cares anymore!

Everyone needs to just relax and live their lives.

Let the drama end.

Truly, there are way bigger fish to fry.

We are so over this, so put down your social media boxing gloves everybody!