7 Things A Lady Should Never Put Up With

Nowadays, the bar for being a solid catch can seem pretty darn low. Every girl wonders whether chivalry is dead in the age of dating apps and texting. Heck, some of us wonder if common human decency is old news with all those cruelty trolls dominating the world wide web. In an era where manners and romance get a little murky, let’s draw a line in the sand. Here are seven things a lady should never put up with:

1 – A Phone Maniac: If you’re on a date or hanging out with a friend, you deserve full attention. Sure, we all need to check our phones on occasion, but not every three minutes. If you can’t get through a story without your pal or lover half nodding/fake paying attention to you while they check Instagram and slide into someone else’s DM’s, they are not worth your time.

2 – Sexy Pic Demands: Some people live and breathe by the exchange of sexy photos. If you trust the other person not to share your naked self with friends or the Internet, more power to you. BUT, if this isn’t your bag… the other person should respect it wholeheartedly and should NOT push you into something you don’t want to do.

3 – Negative Nancy’s: Nobody wants to spend hours and days with a Negative Nancy. If you’re dating someone that simply cannot see the sunny side, you’re with the wrong person. We all have baggage and bummers on the mind, but being with somebody you adore should be an oasis from the suck, not a dark cloud party with a side of depression.

4 – Going Dutch Forever: When you start dating, setting the bill at dinner or bars can be a bit of an awkward dance, especially if one person makes more money than the other. That being said, a lady shouldn’t have to pay for every outing or go dutch on the regular IF you don’t want to. Make sure you’re comfortable with how it all pans out before you’re in too deep and it’s expected that you’ll cover the bill or cover your half every night. Same goes for the reverse, if you’re uncomfortable getting fully wined and dined, pay up when it feels right.

5 – Unwanted Public Displays: PDA in 2016 goes beyond actual hand holding and kissing in public. PDA now includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and so on. When you first start dating somebody, spell out how you want the Internet to see you as a couple and be respectful of past lovers who might be able to scope your current flame online.

6 – Lazy Romantics: Every lady deserves to get woo bombed. You should feel like a prize, a total catch that gets open declarations of affection, phone calls, texts, and actual date requests. If your potential lover is giving you nothing with the exception of a DM or a single sentence text at inappropriate hours, UNSUBSCRIBE.

7 – The Half Committed: Nobody thrives in the gray area. If you’re seeing someone and the ground rules are not established, it’s time to have the conversation. Otherwise, you’re just going to torture yourself and end up lashing out in a crazy way because you’re so worked up internally. So, don’t settle for a half commitment if you want something more! A lady stands up for herself.