5 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Let me just start off by saying that yes, I know nobody is perfect and yes, women do things that just don’t sit right with guys either but some things in this life are just unacceptable and I believe that no woman should ever put up with certain behaviors that some men tend to posses. None of these things are OK and if you happen to think they are, then maybe it’s time to check yourself. These are the five things guys need to stop doing immediately!


This shit ain’t cute! We don’t want to be harassed or told to smile while we’re minding our own business walking down the street. Keep your filthy opinions to yourself.

Undermining a woman’s success

We got to where we are by working hard. Do not even dare to start undermining our success or comparing it to yours! If you want what we have, work harder!

Asking us if we’re on our period

Sure, we can be moody but we usually have a reason and more times than not, it’s probably you and your bullshit. Often times, we’re just stressed. I’m also pretty sure that if men had to go through their periods every month, they’d be whining like babies.

Flirting with other women when they’re already in a relationship

Unfortunately, it’s happened to all of us – either you’ve been with a guy who has a wandering eye or you’re the recipient of his flirting while he’s with someone else. It’s never easy but one thing we can all agree on as women is that it needs to stop now! It’s disrespectful to their girlfriend and to us!

Saying they’re one of the “nice guys”

I don’t know what it is, but every time a guy says they’re a “nice guy,” he always turns out to be the total opposite. If you’re a nice guy, your actions will show it. As far as I’m concerned, words are worthless without proven action to back them up.