5 Must-Have Decor Items For Chill Summer Vibes

We’ve reached the dead of summer. Temperatures are out of this world and the humidity is making your hair do questionable things. Now is the time in the season where a day (or night) indoors in air conditioning with your buds beats a full blown mosquito attack outside. So, let’s bring all your favorite chill summer vibes into your bedroom! Here are five easy and inexpensive must-have decor items to bring your favorite summer vibes indoors:

Incense: Burning incense is an ancient, spiritual endeavor you’ll see in plenty of places of worship. Incense also smells amazing and there’s a crazy variety of scents, and adorable incense holders to choose from. Keep your room smelling fresh and enjoy incense smoke any time for perfectly good vibrations.

Fairy Lights: One of the best parts of summer evenings is sitting underneath string lights. Who says that feeling should be reserved for the patio? Set up string lights or fairy lights in your room. You’ll have the perfect, dreamy ambiance to entertain friends or to feel creatively inspired.

Cacti and Succulents: Bring a piece of the great outdoors into your bedroom. Having adorable living plants in your room can make all the difference. Go with cacti and succulents that flourish in dry, summer climates to bring that summertime energy into your space.

Crystals: If you have yet to explore the power of crystals, now is the time! Fill your room with positive energy with a crystal display. While some larger crystals can really break the bank, start with smaller pieces and pull them together into a positive energy display! If you’re new to the world of crystals, start with amethyst and rose quartz. Not only are these crystals beautiful, but they’ll bring you unconditional love, protection, and those posi vibes!

Clothespin Photo Displays: Show off all your favorite summer memories in style. Using clothespins and string you can put your finest photos on display on the cheap. Not only can you look back fondly on the good times, but you’ll create a very cool aesthetic that feels like summer!