11 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Friends’

Friends is one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 90’s and though we’ve seen every episode multiple times over the past 20+ years, there’s probably still some things you never knew about the show. We did some research to find out some juicy facts about our favorite Central Perk crew!

The show was originally called Insomnia Cafe, changed to Friends Like Us and Six Of One before finally settling on the simply-stated title of Friends.

Ellen DeGeneres turned down an offer to play Phoebe. Whaaattt??

Gunther didn’t have a single line until episode 33. His line? “Yeah.”

David Schwimmer directed 10 Friends episodes.

Courtney Cox was actually asked to play Rachel, but in true Monica fashion made it clear that she was meant to play Monica.

Joey and Monica were originally supposed to be love interests on the show. Can’t see that one working out!

Friends co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane are also co-writers of the show’s theme song “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrants. Ahh 90’s feels!

It was Matt LeBlanc’s idea to make Joey into a rather ditzy character. Well played!

Lisa Kudrow was afraid of the duck in season three.

The orange couch from Central Perk was found in the basement of the Warner Bros. Studio.

The opening credits were filmed at Warner Bros. Studios, rather than at a park in New York.