11 Things Every Girl Thinks When Buying Make Up

When it’s time to take a trip to buy new make up, usually there’s a mental list a girl goes through of the absolute necessities, and if budget permits, an extra item or two to pick up as an added treat. Make-up is exciting, fun, and a way to boost confidence when you’re having a kind of uggo day and the last thing you want to do is show your face in public. However, filling in your collection of shadows, powders, concealers, blushes, eyeliners, mascaras and everything in between, can bring about a little stress and these 11 thoughts.

1. Why do the people working here cake on so much make-up? Isn’t the idea to look like you’re not wearing make-up?

2. Why is make-up so expensive?

3. Do I have something like this at home?

4. I wonder if my crush will think I’m prettier if I wear more make up.

5. I can’t afford all of this.

6. Can I pull off this color?

7. I wonder if I can return this if I end up hating it.

8. Where is someone who can help me?

9. I wonder how many samples I can get before they kick me out of the store.

10. This lighting is terrible.

11. What did I come here to buy again?