Top 5 Ways Haim Slayed Bonnaroo

This weekend, our favorite trio of sisters aka HAIM totally ruled Bonnaroo. Sure, it was a million degrees outside and the hot Tennessee sun was trying it’s absolute best to melt our insides and outsides, but these gals were still pretty damn flawless. If you missed their killer set, here are the top 5 ways Haim completely slayed their Bonnaroo set:

  1. Festival Fashion Perfection: I mean, of course Haim is always kind of perfectly dressed, but they really pulled it out despite the insane temperatures. Any girl that rocks black thigh highs when it’s 100 degrees outside deserves a trophy.
  2. Sexy, Choreographed Guitar Solos: A guitar solo or instrumental breakdown goes next level when it’s choreographed with amazing hair flips and the one-two step. I think these girls made a sweaty, sleepy crowd go completely wild.
  3. Flawless Hair: Seriously, though. How does one maintain such flawless hair vibes in the hot, humid sun? Tell us your ways, Haim! PLEASE.
  4. Bitchin’ Banter: In between cranking out all your favorite Haim hits, these girls were cute and clever and ready to rile up that Bonnaroo crowd.
  5. The Wire: I mean, talk about a hit fucking song. When they jammed this one out, the crowd was fully on fire. I’m talking totally lit up, Christmas tree style.