Buzz Bites: Miley’s Dad Spills On The Status Of Her Relationship With Liam Hemsworth

Hey Thursday! We’re super close ot the weekend so let’s see what’s buzzing online ot get us through the day!

Amandla Stenberg posted a new video, Ask Amandla addressing race, gender and sexuality. Def worth a watch below!

For all of you wondering about the status of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus told Hoda and Kathy Lee on the Today show that the pair are very happy together…awww yay!

All you Gilmore Girls fans who were hoping for a lot Dean screen time will be disappointed to hear that he was only on set for one day, meaning his scene is small. Waaah…better than nothing right?

M.I.A. has a new single out, “Poc That Still A Ryda,” click below to take the video for a spin.

Annnd…apparently there’s a Starbucks drink on their secret menu that tastes like Starbursts? OMG sign us up.