Buzz Bites: Kendall Jenner Totally Chopped Off Her Hair

Hey Monday! Let’s welcome in a fresh new week with the latest buzz on the world wide web!

Zayn Malik had to cancel his first solo show since releasing his album, Mind of Mine due to an intense anxiety attack.

Following the heartbreaking murder of The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie, her brother Marcus released a statement on how he’ll remember his sister.

Speaking of Christina, celebs have been showing an outpouring of love and support for her, including Selena Gomez, who broke down during her tribute to Christina during her performance on Saturday night.

Kendall Jenner has shocked fans with a new lobbed off haircut. Ahhh! Kinda perfect for summer though.

Annnd…while Taylor Swift takes some much deserved time off from music, the pop-star is still staying busy by partnering up with Papyrus for some seriously cute greeting card collaborations!

Taylor has partnered with Papyrus to design some cards, and is donating some proceeds to charity! credit to @swiftandchill

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