Artist Spotlight Exclusive: RHOBH Erika Jayne Talks Music And 2016

If you’re not familiar with the music of Erika Jayne, it’s time to crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living and listen up. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star has a long history of success in the dance music world. Hitting #1 on the Billboard dance music charts eight times, her career has stayed on the fast track of success. Between time in the studio working on her music, and becoming a major breakout star on RHOB, Erika found time to give Buzznet the inside scoop on her music career and what we can look forward to.

When did you know you wanted to be a singer? 

EJ: I started putting on shows for my family at 3 years old.

What’s the first song you wrote?  EJ: I started writing musical phrases and lyrics in high school. I had ideas of what I wanted things to sound like but I wrote my first song in my 20’s.

Who has been your biggest musical inspiration and why?  EJ: I am huge fan of Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna… the three best performers ever.

Who is your “guilty” pleasure artist? EJ: Samantha Fox

Tell us about your first single? EJ: In 2007 I released Rollercoaster and it went to #1 on the Dance Club Chart. It’s still one of my favorite songs.

How do you want fans to describe your music?  EJ: “Everytime I hear her music I just wanna dance.”

What’s coming up in 2016? Tour plans?  EJ: Lots of shows, lots of new music, and lots of fun.

Best place to write a song?  EJ: A dark, hot and closed space.

Erika just dropped her new single, “How Many F*&%s,” and it’s safe to say it’s absolute fire. The infectious dance track oozes confidence as she sings about not feeding into drama and negative opinions. We bet you’ll be playing it on repeat for the rest of the day and sharing it with all your friends. If you still can’t get enough, Erika will be touring the US this summer, so don’t miss your chance to see her live!

Click below to take her video for a spin and let us know what you think of Erika Jayne in the comments below!