9 Looks Fully Embraced At Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo has officially ended. As we all tend to our sunburns, mild dehydration, blown out eardrums, and extremely dirty shoes, let’s pause for some fashion-related reflection. When it’s 100 degrees and humid and shade is basically a pipe dream, your only option is to just lean into the suck. Despite said conditions, plenty of Bonnaroo goers managed to have amazing times. If you missed this wild weekend in Tennessee, here are nine looks that were fully embraced at this year’s Bonnaroo:

Tie Dye Shirts – Everywhere you turned, there was sweet rainbow of tie-dye action.

Dirty Tevas – That farm was dusty AF. While some of us rocked full-on hiking boots to protect our dogs, plenty of Bonnaroo attendees let their feet out and worked those Tevas HARD.

Camelbacks – Everyone was allowed to bring one empty water bottle or Camelback into the festival. The Camelbacks were everywhere and those without were pretty jealous.

Fanny Packs – Yup. Gotta stay hands-free. Plus, companies like Tito’s Vodka were giving away fanny packs and you know festival folks LOVE free shit.

Bikini Tops – For the ladies, just wearing a bathing suit or rocking a bikini and shorts seemed to be a thing. Under that hot sun, it was pretty freaking practical.

Bandanas – I’m not talking bandanas as an accessory or flare, either. These were functional bandanas around foreheads and necks and heads to keep the sweat away.

E-cigarettes – UGH. These puppies took over.

Hats on hats on hats – Name a hat style and it was there. The crowd was an endless sea of baseball hats, trucker hats, floppy hats, cowboy hats, and even VISORS. Legit… anything that shields you from the sun was in use.

Back sweat – Back sweat, swamp ass, pit stains, temple drip drops and a shiny forehead sheen were found on every single human. Anywhere your body could create sweat and in turn, leave a mark on your clothing.