7 Things We Were Blissfully Ignorant To Before Social Media

Let’s face it: As fun and distracting as social media is, we were probably a lot better off without it. Too much access has its downsides and the deeper we get into technology, the more it can feel like we’re losing touch, not only with ourselves, but with what it once meant to be human. Of course, not all aspects of social media are harmful if you use it right, but some things we were just better off not knowing. Here are 7 things we were blissfully ignorant to before social media:

How horrible some people can be

Have you ever read a comments section? Doesn’t matter what the article or video is about – could be a charity feeding starving children – and people would still find a way to be horrible. It’s just not right. Wasn’t it better when we had no idea how others felt about everything? Which brings me to my next point!

Oversharing and the opinions of others

Opinions are great. It’s our right to express whatever we want. However, there’s no need to attack others for disagreeing with you. Somebody needs to chill tf out in time out! Also, nobody needs to hear the details of your hookup the night before.

What people eat

OK. I get it. Some food just looks too pretty not to share. But do we really need to know the contents of your diet? Nah.

Filter vs. reality

Nowadays, we see selfies of our friends more than we see them in person. When you notice their pictures are altered to perfection, it might be time for a reality intervention.


Remember the days when fans rarely had the opportunity to meet their favorite stars? Social media has made it easier to connect with our idols and as awesome as that is, unfortunately, it comes with a price. People need to realize that they are not entitled to a reply or shout out from anyone.


Back in the day, the only haters you had to dodge were bullies at school. Now, they come digitally and you never know who it is as they hide behind a screen of anonymity.

The amount of friends one has

These days, our friends are all neatly counted and on display for anyone to see. Look around and see who’s standing next to you when something goes down. That’s who you should really keep around.