7 Summer Bummers We All Have To Get Used To

In theory, summer is an absolute treat. If you’re schooling age, you are exercising true freedom away from the classroom. If you’re an adult… sure you still have to go to the office, but at least the sun is shining, the days are longer, and you can plan some killer weekend hangs that involve BBQs, pools, and day drinking. In between moments of pure summertime joy, there are a few things that might harsh your mellow. So, let’s get them out in the open so we can move on and stay positive! Here are 7 summer bummers we all have to get used to:

Bug Bites – Summer means mosquitoes just lurking around and waiting to suck your blood. Even if you douse yourself in bug spray and surround yourself with citronella candles, you won’t get through a summer unscathed. Embrace it, trust that you won’t get Zika, and invest in some itch relief cream.

Swamp Ass – You know the feeling. You plop down in a chair wearing your favorite outfit and thanks to the heat you just feel your bum stewing in sweat. You know you’ll stand up and the entire backside of your ensemble is a wrinkled disaster. The good news is… it happens to everyone, so F it.

Humidity Hair – I mean, the struggle is so real. Mic drop.

Pit Stains – I don’t care what kind of deodorant you use.. if you’re wearing white or gray on a hot summer day, you’re bound to get a little pit stain action.

Sun Burn – Thank the heavens for aloe. And wear sunscreen, people!

Knee Sweat – Yup… the back of your knees just pooling with sweat as you sit at a BBQ. Gag.

Getting In The Car – Getting in a hot car, especially if leather seats are involved, is perhaps the worst part of summer. It’s a first world problem, but nobody likes being balls to the wall uncomfortable until the A/C kicks in. Woof.