5 Simple Ways To Spread Kindness

With the tragic events that have occurred over this past weekend in Orlando, it may feel as if there are no safe havens anymore and that humanity and simple acts of kindness are a foreign concept. We’re all about spreading positive vibes here at Buzznet and we want everyone to be their best selves no matter what the world may be showing us.

Here are five simple ways to spread kindness today:

1. Offer a smile.

You never know what a simple smile could mean to someone who’s hurting. People are so afraid to show emotion these days and I’m sick of it! We are human but we’re losing our humanity.

2. Be courteous.

Hold open the door for someone. Offer your seat to someone in need on public transportation. Be a kind pedestrian and move over for someone. It’s little acts like these that go a long way.

3. Say please and thank you.

It’s sad how we learn basic manners as children yet some have completely disregarded it once adulthood rolled around. This stuff still counts, folks! Say thank you to your barista for making your drink. Say please to someone who wants to help you out. It really does make a difference.

4. Practice tolerance and compassion.

A lot of the world’s problems stem from a lack of tolerance and compassion. If we practice these two crucial aspects of life, we’d all be a lot better off.

5. Know that love triumphs all.

Love always wins every time. Despite any tragic event, the outpouring of love will always remain and conquer all evil.

Oh yeah..and this.

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