5 Secrets To Wearing All White And Not Getting Dirty

So summer is here, making it prime time to dress all in white to make your tan pop and keep you cool on those sweltering hot days. The only issue with wearing all white is the fact that it will inevitably get dirty, making you feel like PigPen from Peanuts. However, we’ve got 5 secrets to keeping your white outfit looking crisp and on point all day long.

1. Wear an all white outfit with the mindset that you’re wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirt. For some reason treating all white outfits like any of your other clothes somehow keeps them cleaner than if you’re super careful.

2. Only eat and drink things that are easy, clear and/or compact. So your beverages are probably going to be water, coconut water or Sprite. Foods you can pop in your mouth like, sushi, chicken nuggets, cut up veggies and fruit etc. are great. There’s no chance of biting into something and having something ooze out the side and onto your clothes.

3. Avoid sitting on public benches. There’s a good chance there’s some major dirt and grime dying to embed itself into your clean threads.

4. Keep a Tide pen on you. Ok so even if you are super duper careful, you might just notice a small spot of SOMETHING on your white ensemble. Never fear, just pull out a Tide pen and you can make it disappear in no time.

5. Wear all white when you know you won’t be wearing it for a long time, or someplace where there’s minimal chance of getting dirty. That way you can likely wear it again without having to wash it and remain looking fresh head-to-toe.