5 Reasons Meghan Trainor Rules So Hard

Meghan Trainor exploded onto the pop scene with her 2014 mega hit “All About That Bass.” Maybe at first you thought she would be a one hit wonder, but then she straight up schooled you. I mean, in the last couple years this 22-year-old diva has just been in the business of crushing left and right. Between duets with John Legend and award show make-outs with Charlie Puth, she’s been delivering hit after hit. With her follow-up album Thank You on permanent replay, let’s reflect on five reasons why Meghan Trainor rules so hard:

1 – She always looks flawless and she knows how to work her perfect figure.

2 – She face planted on Fallon. Sure it must have been a little embarrassing, but she handled the situation like it was NBD.

3 – “Me Too” is basically a perfect pop song. Seriously guys… this song is the shit.

4 – She supports the LGBT community and it’s a beautiful thing.

5 – She’s empowered AF. She owns who she is and sings anthems you can absolutely get behind.