5 Perfect Summer Dates You Can Ask Your Crush On

So summer is in full swing and that means it’s time to go from flirting with the idea of a summer romance, and turning it into a reality. In a perfect world, the guy of your dreams would pop out of no where and sweep you off your feet for warm summer night walks, cozy dinner dates, and lots of Netflix on the couch, but we don’t live in such a place. Sometimes if you’re crushing hard on someone, you gotta be the brave one and instigate a date to ignite some summer smooching! If you’re trying to avoid anything too “datey” and traditional, here are five awesome date ideas that won’t feel too formal.

1. Sandwiches in a park. Inviting your crush to get a couple deli sandwiches and chill in a park isn’t just easy, it’s very low pressure. There’s barely any money being spent, people watching galore, you’re outside, and it’s during the day. This is a great opportunity to have relaxed conversation and get to know each other without expectation.

2. After dinner dessert. See if your crush is open to meeting up for an ice cream or a fancy cupcake. Sweets make everyone smile and the date doesn’t have to be long to have fun and make a lasting impression.

3. Attend an outdoor movie. It’s prime time to round up a group of BFFs and see a movie outside! Inviting your crush will keep it feeling more friend zone, but allow you the opportunity to get to know them in a setting where if things go south, you have friends right beside you to step in and help with any awkward silences!

4. Attend a summer concert. Warm weather means a zillion cool shows, festivals and concerts are happening all around you! The best part, is a lot of them are free! The two of you can listen to chill tunes, chat, and see about finding that summer spark.

5. Throw a backyard BBQ! Invite a small group of friends to come over and hang! Fire up the grill (or if you’re not BBQ inclined, order a pizza), and have fun hangs that include cool backyard games like bocce ball or corn hole.