#FBF 5 Classic Summer Movies You Need To Watch Now

You know it’s officially summer when all your fucks go out the window. It’s humid and 90 degrees after the sun goes down and everyone just embraces the fact that we’re all roasting in swamp ass and stinking like a combination of sweat, sun block, and bug spray as one. When you’ve finally had enough of the heat and you’re ready to bask in sweet, sweet air conditioning, why not throw on a classic summer movie? For today’s #FBF let’s review five classic summer movies you should watch right NOW:

Adventureland – Kstew, Jesse Eisenberg, and Ryan Reynolds working at a janky theme park? Don’t mind if I do! Fun fact: Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader filmed all of their scenes in ONE day.

Dazed and Confused – There are no words. Talk about a perfect summer movie. And thank you Matthew McConaughey for the greatest line of all time about high school girlz.

Now and Then – From Christina Ricci taping down her boobs to cruising the summer streets on bicycles listening to killer tunes… what a great flick about growing up.

Wet Hot American Summer – Let’s just relive the last day of camp forever.

Almost Famous – Your aura will definitely be purple after you revisit this winner.