5 Bangers That Will Dominate Your Summer Playlist

Now that summer has begun, it’s time to get your BBQ/pool party/beach day playlist on lock. Summer playlists are that special unicorn of sound meant to keep the vibes positive and the good times rolling. You can throw in oldies, hip hop hits from the ’90s, and current radio singles to the delight of your non-so-captive audience. If you’re working on the perfect soundtrack for your next hang, here are 5 bangers that will totally dominate your summer playlist:

Nick Jonas – “Bacon”

This song is so random and so freaking good. Groove out to the sweet sounds of Nick Jonas and get ready for “Aw shit throw some bacon on it” to be the summer catchphrase.

Meghan Trainor – “Me Too”

This track is bananas and the lyrics will make you want to fuck shit up because you feel so flawless. Add this tune to your summer playlist and you’ll walk into every room like a dime piece.

Ariana Grande – “Bad Decisions”

This isn’t Ariana‘s single just yet, but it SHOULD be. This song is fire and perfect for a summer dance party because we all make bad decisions.

Fifth Harmony – “Work From Home”

I wasn’t exactly on the Fifth Harmony party train, but this song changed my mind. I recognize it’s been out for six months, but who cares. It’s just catchy AF. Also, way to go Ty Dolla $ign for another solid guest appearance.

Maren Morris – “Rich”

Country newcomer Maren Morris has been crushing it this summer. Her debut album “Hero” hit number 1 on the country charts and here’s why… her voice is major and her songs are dope. Ladies, listen to Rich and dump the dead weight in your cell phone. Just picture yourself sitting on a big ass pile of dimes instead.