106 Inspirational Quotes On Life And Love

Last night on my way home from Buzznet, I saw a girl on the train who was visibly upset. Her eyes were glassy with tears, she was sniffling, and the look on her face told me the only thing she wanted to do was get home so she could let out all the crying she was holding inside. I felt really bad for her because I’ve been there…we all have.

Regardless the reason for her upset, the one thing I was mentally saying to her was, “You won’t feel like this forever.” She got off the train a couple stops later, and I can only hope she’s having a better day with a fresh perspective on the situation which caused her such discord.

After witnessing this girl’s sadness and disappointment, I felt inspired to jump on the Internet and find a shit ton of inspirational quotes on life and love that speak to every kind of individual. Not gonna lie, they really made me feel inspired and empowered to look at my own unsettling life events and make the choice to be happy and be grateful for the awesome things I have going for me instead of focusing on everything that has been pissing me off.

Take a spin through the gallery above and hopefully you’ll see something that resonates and will inspire you to be better than you already are!