10 Things Bonnaroo Taught Us

Over the weekend, we were melting in the heat at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival in Manchester, TN. While we lost about 5 pound of water weight from sweating in the southern sun, we had a killer time and saw some pretty amazing bands. Now that the festival is over for another year and we’re back in a comfortable air conditioned environment, it’s given us time to reflect on the 10 things we learned from our time on the farm.

1. It is not about the fashion. Unlike Coachella, no one at Bonnaroo cares about looking trendy, cool or making it onto a style blog. The dress is all about being casual, comfortable, and keeping cool!

2. Understand you’re going to get dirty. Bonnaroo is hot and dusty, therefore, white is not a good option.

3. A hat and sunglasses are mandatory. Unless you’re dying for a crispy red face and a lot of squinting these two things will literally save you.

4. On that note…sunscreen will be your new best friend.

5. Water will be your other best friend. The heat was intense, and without proper hydration throughout the day, it can be pretty dangerous.

6. Bring extra tissues or napkins. With such a massive crowd, the porta-potties ran out of TP quick style. ew!

7. You gotta be OK with crowds. If you aren’t a people person, Bonnaroo, or any other festival for that matter probably isn’t for you.

8. Have hand sanitizer on you. There weren’t a ton of spots to find running water to wash off the dirt and grime, so having some kind of cleanser for hands is clutch.

9. Bring a change of clothes. After a long day on the farm, a clean t-shirt and some fresh bottoms make all the difference at the end of the day.

10. Meeting new people isn’t hard. We approached a bunch of strangers just to say hi and not only was everyone beyond sweet and cool, but they were pleasantly surprised to have a stranger ask how they were and chat for a couple minutes.