Exclusive: My2K Tour Stars Share Band Rituals Before Hitting The Stage

Once the My2K Tour was announced, our little middle school hearts fangirled for days! Featuring 98 Degrees, Dream, O-Town and Ryan Cabrera, it’s going to feel like the early 2000’s all over again this summer as all four acts visit a city near you and their slogan of “I know what you’re doing this summer” couldn’t be any more perfect!

We had the privilege of finding out some super rad rituals a few tour-mates do before each show! Enjoy below and don’t forget to pick up your tickets to the My2K Tour here.

“We all had our own unique ways of getting ready for a performance, but most of them included listening to some inspiring song(s), sometimes in isolation in the back of the bus. For me and Ashley, it was typically a super intense emotional song like Lifehouse “Everything” or Beyoncé “Dangerously In Love.” For the group as a whole we used to pump Boys II Men “Step On Up” to get revved.  We’d run through some of our go-to warm ups which really can’t be explained in writing because most of them are just ridiculous; take a spiritual moment to express gratitude for the opportunity to perform and connect with one another and the fans.” – Holly Restani, DREAM

“We always clear the dressing room for about 30 minutes to focus on the show and make sure everyone’s good to go. Maybe discuss something we want to try during the show or something we might want to fix from the night before. But before we leave the room we always pray, give a little bro his and say something like, “Love you buddy, have a good show, and don’t fu*k up.” Or something endearing like that. –  Jacob Underwood, O-Town