’90s Mall Stores We Wish Would Make A Comeback

*in a Cher Horowitz voice* Visiting a mall in the 90’s was like shopping in the holy grail of all things good in the world. From the glorious aisles of endless music for a great price at Sam Goody to all the killer styles at Clueless staple, Contempo Casuals, 90’s mall stores KILLED it back in the day and it blows that we still can’t have those experiences today. We put together a nostalgic gallery of childhood dreams in the form of epic 90’s mall stores for your enjoyment. Some are still kickin’ today but let’s be honest – nothing compares to the good ol’ days. Luckily, you can still grab an Auntie Anne’s pretzel at a mall near you while you grumble about the basic shit we have to choose from these days. Bitter? Me? Nah.