5 Reasons Sex On Prom Night Is So Over

Real talk – Prom, graduation, and summer vacation are taking over the minds of every single high school student right now. If TV, teen movies, and stories from parents and older siblings ring true, sex is also taking over most brain cells as you consider the possibility of ‘getting lucky’ on prom night. Well, let’s get over the cliché! Here are five reasons sex on prom night is so over:

It’s Played Out: I mean, isn’t it though? Walk to your own beat. Don’t lose your v-card on Prom night because we’re told it’s a rite of passage. Your sex life and any sexual encounter (whether it’s your first or your last) should be special and important to you and the person you’re with. Who cares if it’s on prom night? Just make sure it’s exactly what you want to be doing and you’re ready emotionally and physically. 

There’s Way Too Much Pressure: Prom is already stressful enough when you think about all the planning and the hours you’ll spend getting ready. The last thing you need on top of a day filled with hair and make-up appointments, fancy dinners with your friend group, and dancing all night long is to wonder if your date is only thinking about getting you naked in a hotel room. 

You’re Going To Have To Ditch All Your BFFs: Prom night isn’t just about your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s about having really fun times with your best friends and classmates that you might not see for awhile. Why leave the party early to get it on with your date when you could be making lifelong friend memories? 

You’re Probably Not In Love: Ask yourself… do you really, truly love your prom date? Is he or she the one you want to be your first? Or if you’ve already done the deed, is this person special and important and respectful? If the answer is no, stick to the dancing and friend hangs. 

Your Parents Know What’s Up: Your parents wrote the book on the whole sex on Prom night thing. If they are stressing about curfew and blowing up your phone and throwing you shade when you say you’re having a girls night sleepover at your friend’s house, it’s because the KNOW what’s up. Yeah, that fact alone will reduce your sex drive.