15 Things You Never Knew About The OC

The OC is one of those shows which managed to make a big enough impression to remain at the forefront of TV cult classic teen dramas. Following the lives of privileged Orange County kids, and their relationships with each other, it’s a show you can turn to for some killer early-aught nostalgia and #struggles. Yes, we all crushed on Seth and Ryan and woulda killed for Marissa and Summer’s closets, but we bet you didn’t know these 15 fun fast facts!

1. Ben McKenzie almost didn’t land the part of Ryan because he was so nervous at his audition.

2. Speaking of auditions, Adam Brody kinda pissed off casting directors because he showed up to his audition unprepared and not knowing any of the lines.

3. Rachel Bilson (Summer) and Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper) were initially cast as guest stars with no intent to make them part of the permanent cast.

4. The Cohen’s were originally written to be the Needlemans.

5. Ben McKenzie was doing telemarketing before he was cast on the show.

6. Adam Brody is scared of boats and a 40-year-old stunt double had to fill in for him during the episode where he sails away.

7. Hannamas was almost the name for Chrismakkah.

8. Seth was originally written to be part of the popular crowd.

9. Olivia Wilde was almost cast as Marissa.

10. The Cohen’s pool was only four feet deep so actors had to get on their knees for a deeper illusion.

11. The original storyline had Ryan written as Sandy Cohen’s illegitimate child.

12. Chad Michael Murray turned down a role on the show so he could be on One Tree Hill.

13. Kelly Rowan who played Seth’s mom is only 14 years older than him.

14. Peter Gallagher was the first person cast on the show.

15. Ryan and Seth only hug twice during the entire series….in the first and last episode.