Watch Justin Bieber Eat Sh*t While Singing ‘Sorry’

Not matter how professional a performer you are, there’s bound to be a few red faced moments on stage. We’ve seen all kinds of talent find themselves in less-than-perfect form while entertaining a huge crowd. From Demi Lovato falling flat on her face to Beyonce‘s hair getting stuck in a fan, it’s just part of the job. The latest victim of an OMG stage moment is our beloved Justin Bieber, who completely ate sh*t while performing his smash single “Sorry” at his Purpose show in Kansas City.

Thanks to the indoor rain for added effect, the stage got a little slippery and Justin briefly lost his footing, went flying, and in true megastar form, popped back up as if nothing had happened. Of course multiple show goers caught the moment on video and quickly posted it to social media.  Check out Justin’s tumble below, then give him snaps for shrugging it off like it was nothin.’