LOL…Taylor Swift Eats Sh*t On A Treadmill In New Apple Ad

Regardless if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, there’s no denying the pop superstar isn’t afraid to look silly for the sake of creating engaging and funny content for all of us to have a good laugh. Case in point: Taylor appears in a new ad for Apple Music. The 26-year-old hops on a treadmill getting ready to work out. She pops on Drake and Future‘s “Jumpman” and begins her run. As she begins singing along, the music takes her attention away from the treadmill and she promptly face plants and is spit out the back onto the floor…and in classic Swifty form, continues to sing and just shake it off.

It’s serious LOL…no matter what you think of Taylor, you’re gonna laugh. Take the 30-second spot for a spin below and be prepared to press replay more than a few times.