#FBF Why Jess from Gilmore Girls Is Still The All-Time Babe

It’s been 10 years since bad boy Jess Mariano left Stars Hollow and our television sets in Gilmore Girls. We’ve literally had 10 years to get over his babe-ness. I mean, we’ve lived 3,650 days. That’s plenty of time to get over his face and his vibe and his Rory love, but guess what? Some things live on forever! Here are 8 reasons why Jess Mariano, played by Milo Ventimigliais still the all-time babe of babes:
1. He’s Hot AF, Obviously.
2. He Wrote A F*cking Book.
3. His Chemistry With Rory Was Everything.
4. He Was Mega Well-Read.
5. He Exposed Dean For The Chump That He Was.
6. He Wore The Shit Out of That Leather Jacket.
7. He Told It Like It Was.
8. He’d Call You Out On Your Bullshit.