#FBF: Chad Michael Murray, The Ultimate CW Hunk

OK so before all the purists out there jump down my throat let me acknowledge that technically, Chad Michael Murray was the ultimate WB hunk. Yeah… his reign on the teenage small screen was long and impactful and totally smoking pre-2006 when The CW was called The WB. Regardless, from roughly 2000 until 2009 a young, spikey-haired, sassy blonde we know as Chad Michael Murray totally owned the teen dramas. I mean, who could forget his portrayal of Tristin on Gilmore Girls, followed by his brief stint as Charlie Todd on Dawson’s Creek? And then, of course, there will always and forever be Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill. Talk about a teenage swoon-fest! On this beautiful #FBF, let’s reflect on hunky CMM with a selection of totally adorable visuals from his WB/CW days:

On Gilmore Girls, Tristin was too cool for school:

But under that rich boy façade, he had some deep feels for our girl Rory:

Maybe, in another life… if Chad wasn’t heading off to Dawson’s Creek, Tristin + Rory would have been a real thing. I guess we’ll never know!

When Chad moved to the Creek to play Charlie Todd, his hair got a little cray…

I mean, we get it. This was early 2000s and he was supposed to be all rock ‘n roll.

He scored some Joey kisses, so props to him!

And then, Chad Michael Murray finally made it to One Tree Hill where he could properly brood, break hearts, and play basketball.

Remember when he married his co-star Sophia Bush IRL and then they got divorced, but still had to play a couple on TV? Ouch…

They were pros about it.

I mean, if you have to kiss your ex, it might as well be a babe ex.

Lucas Scott Forever!